0044. Prophecy – Day of Mecca. The boat through the Golden Gate. What is.





Mp3d 44 sound clip was edited (condensed) to about 7:41 minutes (922 KB) from 17:46 minutes of my original micro cassette recording tape. There is some background noise on this file. It is in English, Spanish, and Tongues. Read the text below as you listen to the sound clip for best results.


44. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 May 1992 at 7:29 AM. in tongues, English, Spanish, and Non-Understandable Tongues.


Oh what a shame, oh what a shame, the things that are, are not, what a shame, what a shame.


Yes, yes Raymond, the things of Heaven will be at the appointed time. Pay attention, listen, there is going to be a boat. This boat is going to sail through the Golden Gate. Pay attention, this boat is going to sail through the Golden Gate, the time and the hour is set. (Non-understandable tongues?)


I will send the proper people at the proper time. They will confer with the Heavenly Host, for the hour and the time of Heaven is here. The message, that I have been saying for thousands of years, will not be stopped. Nothing in the Universe can stop what I say, for the Armament of the stage, for the Armament of the enemy, for the Armament of the Heavenly Host is set.

Only those who have ears and have eyes will see. You have no comprehension of the reality of the Spiritual World. You have no Earthly means of Judging the reality of the Spiritual World without reading the Bible, and then it is difficult to comprehend. But the Reality is still very Real, and when the day of Mecca arrives the World will be shocked. For you have been warned, and warned, and warned, all you do is cover your eyes, cover your ears.

You stone, you kill, you abuse My Prophets, so My Mercy is coming to an end. The day of Calling, the day of Reckoning, the day of Judgment is here. So you have no excuse, so you have no excuse, and you can’t rationalize your way out of the day of Judgment. For I know what is in your heart: Deceit, Lies, Abominations, to the Lord your Savior.

Your Savior Jesus Christ is going to bring the Army of Heaven, at a time and hour that you do not expect. And you will know that I am the Father of everything. I am going to set everything straight for things have gone long enough. I have set the hour and the day, and you, and My People have no excuse. You Christians, you non-Christians, you people of Baal, all you people will know, that the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, and no one but no one, will escape the Sword of My Wrath.

For the day is here, the sun is coming up, the moon is going down and you will see. You will see the Glory of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. People with little minds see little things, but the Power and the Glory of God is not a thing you mock, or play with, or label to suit your own Theology. The people, the Theologians, who think they know it all, will really be surprised. For they are following, a lot of them, the way of the Jew in the old days, but so be it. I warned them, I loved them, I healed them, and they were Blind and they were Deaf.

For the day of Mecca will be a day of ever lasting Joy in Heaven. For the Heavenly Angels have been waiting, are ready, are prepared for the final most Glorious Day in the Universe, for when I bring My Children home. They are anxiously waiting for the hour of the Bugle, but there is still time. You still have a chance. So listen to the Prophets, listen to the Holy Spirit with your Heart, the Heart of your Soul, not your Mind, for your Mind can fool you.

This is your Father. The Father of Heaven and Earth, of all that is and was, and will be. With Love on My Lips, I want you in My Arms. I want to hold you. I want to Kiss you. I want to Protect you. I want to love you, but you must freely come to Me. You must come on your own. It’s a decision you have to make. I will not coerce you. I will not do anything, but warn you and Love you until the day I have appointed, if you only knew, if you only comprehended, what’s going on now in the Heavenly Realms. Satan, your arch enemy, is totally terrified. He knows what’s coming, but he has Anger. He has Anger, because he knows his fate. And he’s going to try his best to take you down with him. So Listen, so Pray, so see what is Righteous and Repent. This is your Father with a Loving message. So be it. So be it.


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