0058. Prophecy – The Flame in the sky everyone is going to see. Heart, Bible.


58. Prophecy and Vision given on 24 May 1992 at 12:23 AM. Sunday, in tongues and Spanish.

How are you? Looks like you’re working very hard, I have watched you. I have seen you. I have eyes. And with My Eyes, I see everything. Yes, nothing happens without Me seeing it. You cannot hide anything from Me. I am the Father of the World, of Heaven, of all that is and will be.

The things that I tell you are the things of the Heart, because I see the Heart, not as you do, like you do, and don’t do. Just the Heart, that is what’s important. The Day is coming that My Son Jesus is going to look at your Heart, and if it’s not clean, it’s going to go very bad for you.

I want you to remember that I told you, your Father of Heaven, the God, the God, the God. It’s going to be the Birthday of My Children. The Birthday of the People of the world, it’s coming very close, the Birthday. I am going to wish you happiness, much happiness. Because all the People of the world, have arrived at the point, that everyone in Heaven has been waiting for. You have to clean up your heart, if you want to live with Me.

There is going to be a day, that the sky will be filled with fire. The day of the flame, no one is going to live without seeing the flame. Because I am going to stop everything that is Bad in all the world. I don’t want you to say, that I didn’t tell you, that no one said this, and that. Because right now, the Father is telling you with Clean Lips, that the day of the flame, of the sky, is coming.

There are many who don’t want to hear. Right now, they are putting their hands in their ears. They don’t want to hear any more. They don’t want to read anymore. They don’t want to see anymore. Those with their Hands in their ears, no one can help them, because I already have a place ready for them.

But the people who have the brains to hear the Word of God, the Father of everything. Hear Me! Clean your Heart and look for My Son Jesus, your King of everything, yes, you won’t be able to say that I did not tell you, because this very minute My Words are going to hit your Heart. You’re going to know, that I told you, and you can’t hide from Me. Where can you go, where can you put your Body that I don’t know where it is? That goes for your Mind too.

That’s all I wanted to tell you, because I am not going to run after you. I want you to come, and run after Me, that is what’s right, the right manner. Did you hear Me, or do you still have your hands in your ears? Hear Me, People of the world, because the sky is going to have a flame that you’re going to want to hide from. And you won’t be able to, because I know where you are. Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday to the Whole World. Happy Birthday. This is your Father.

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