0073. Prophecy – A River of Blood, Daniel, Jeremiah, and the Date of July 30.


The73 sound clip was edited (condensed) from my original micro cassette recording tape.  It is 5:46 minutes long in Spanish, English, and Non-understandable tongues. Read the text below as you listen to the sound clip for best results.

73. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 June 1992 at 1:48 AM. Thursday in tongues, Spanish, English, and Non-understandable tongues.


Hear Me! What I mentioned earlier of the World, of the Star, of the Sky, of the world is going to start, the 30th of July in the New Year, but the year of God, of Christ, I cannot tell you. But the 30th of July is going to start the date of the war with the Pig. And you can mark that date on your Calendar on July 30th, of July.

What a shame of what’s going to happen on that date, because they are going to die, many people, you have to watch the River of Blood because the river is going to get high with the Blood of the War. Hear Me, the picture of the War (non-understandable tongues?) They fell, the Valiant ones that fought in the War of Christ, but they have risen themselves up once again. And this time they are going to fight to the end. The Pig is going to learn who is the God of Gods and the King of Kings.


My Children, with Love on My Heart and on My Lips, I plead with you to listen to the Prophets for the Battle will be done according to the Scriptures in the Holy Bible. For nothing will be done that was not revealed in the Scriptures. The hour is coming to a close in the manner that it was stated by the Prophet Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Joel, John.

The war cries of the War, the squealing of dismembered Bodies will display the Wrath of Jehovah. For the cleaning of all abomination will be thorough and complete for there will be no loose ends. My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth will command all the Forces in Heaven, and will use them to the fullest, to complete My Word given so many thousands of years ago. For everything will be fulfilled to the letter, to the day, to the minute without any remorse on anything that is evil on this Planet, for the beginning of the end is here.

Those of you with Spirit filled Bodies, My Lambs, My Sheep will be brought up to Heaven as it was stated in the Bible. Be happy, be joyful for the Bugle in Heaven has started to ring, the sound of the Bells, of the Cheers, of the Laughter of the Angels. For it is coming to a close.

Open your ears, open your eyes, open your Bibles, and read, and see the Glory of Jehovah unfold before your eyes. For every Knee shall Bow, every Tongue shall Confess that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords, King of Kings. For He has the authority to implement the Law of Jehovah without mercy, but with justice. I will be waiting for My Son, and the Sheep, and the Lambs that endured to the end. (non-understandable tongues?)

I love you My Sheep. My Lambs Unite, take care of each other for it’s almost over. The Rooms have been completed, the Pearly Gates will be opened at the allotted time. Prepare yourselves, get in the Word, bring the Body of Christ together. This is your Father, Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, of all that was, is, and will be. Harmony and Peace to My Sheep, for your Shepherd is on His way. I love you. I love you. I love you with all My Heart. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. Peace be with you My Lambs, My Sheep. I love you.

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