0175. Prophecy – Christ’s returning so jump onto the Ark. Communion.


175. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 July 1992 at 1:43 AM. in Spanish.

My Son died on the Cross for all in the world. With the ears you have to hear the Word of God. You have to hear, for the date has arrived that I told your fathers when My Son was hanging on the Cross suffering for the Sheep and the Seeds. You have to hear. You have to open your minds. You have to search for the brothers and sisters, for the Ark has arrived. I want all those who are Mine, My Sheep, My Seeds, and My Saints to jump onto the Ark. For if they don’t jump onto the Ark. They are going to remain here with all that is bad until My Son returns the second time. Did you hear Me, with your ears? Hear Me, My Sons, My Daughters. I want you to jump onto the Ark. For My Son is ready and He is going to come on the cloud to pick you up, but if you are not on the Ark, you are going to remain with the rest and you are going to suffer with the rest. For the time of the Ark is here, and I am telling you everything Straight and everything Correctly for I do not Lie.

I want you to eat the Mass everyday. I want you to pray everyday, with all of your spirit, with all for your mind, with all of your heart. For I only want what is Clean and all that is Mine is Good, Pure, Pure, and Pure. Did you hear Me? I am going to tell you once more: I only want what is Clean and what is Good and what is Pure. That is the correct manner, for all that is in Heaven is Clean and is Good and is Pure.

I am telling you with Clean Lips, My Sons and My Daughters. You have to jump into the Ark with your Prayers, with the Communion. I want you to look for your brothers, your sisters, and I want all of you to repent of your sins, to look for My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit will help you.

For the war has already started and I am going to send My Son to pick you up. All of Us are going to have our Arms extended waiting for you, to hug you, to give you the kiss of God. For you did what My Son told you to do when he was living with you, My Sheep, with the Love of the Father, with the Love of the Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit that’s all that I am going to tell you on this date.

I want you to jump onto the Ark, if you want to save yourself for the date has arrived. Have Communion, look for your sons, your brothers, your sisters and jump onto the Ark because My Son already has His Orders and the date is almost here that I am going to close everything. Did you hear Me Clearly? That’s Good.

I’ll wait for you and I will hug you and I’ll kiss you. For I Love you with all of My Heart, My son. I know that you were lost, but now you have found your Father. I am going to give you a kiss. I am going to hug you. I am going to give you your new house in Heaven with all you wanted and with all I wanted to give you before the devil made everything dirty.

It gives Me much Joy that you did what I told you. Yes, My Sons with My Heart I tell you all of this. There I’ll wait for you with My Arms extended with the Love of My Heart. I tell you these things.

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