0218. Prophecy – God only has One Word. Don’t worry Reymundo.


Mp3d Sound 218

The 218 sound clip was edited (condensed) to about 12:03 minutes from my original micro cassette recording tape. There is some background noise on this file. It is in Spanish. Read the text below as you listen to the sound clip for best results.


218. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 October 1992 at 9:26 AM. in Spanish.

Why? Why, Reymundo do you worry? Haven’t I told you many times not to worry of the water behind your house, of all that I am telling you, of all you have to do for your God, the God of Heaven, of the World, with My Son, and the Holy Spirit. Everything is in My Hands and everything is going to happen as I told you. Don’t worry of pastors, of everyone that think they know the Bible. Don’t worry about the letters they mail you. Because they tell you you’re Bad. Don’t think of those things because its not your Word. It’s My Word.

I will correct everything, you can’t correct a thing. Just do what I tell you with the Spirit of your Heart. I know that you have tears in your heart because you’re afraid. All of your suffering is the manner of the World. You have to think of the manner of God. The manner of the Spirit of your God. The One that made everything, the Stars, Heaven, with My Son Christ Jesus, with the Holy Spirit. I have the Force to change everything that I want. You cannot do a thing.

What a Shame you worry, but that’s the way of the world. I know they will want to eat you. I know some think of doing you harm. I know you worry of what you hear, of what they say to you, but you have to stand on top of the Rock, on top of My Son. The Holy Spirit will protect you for no one can stop the Word of God. Make yourself strong Reymundo.

They can’t do a thing but just scream. For if they raise their hand, I will raise Mine and no one can stop My Hand. For I will stop them. I will do what has to be done, for nothing can stop My Word. Don’t worry. Gather with your friends that believe. With your friends that have God in their hearts and not their hearts in the Church of Man. Hear what I am telling you, for there are many Churches, and there are many words.

Your God of Heaven, of the World, of all there is with the Son, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, HAS ONLY ONE WORD. Remember that! For man changes the Word to say what he wants it to say. He thinks a lot of himself, but I will correct him with My Heavy Hand. Don’t worry of these things for you can’t do a thing. All you can do is hide in My Arms.

I will protect you. I will protect you as you were My Baby, My Lamb, as My Seed. For I will protect you, for I am your Father and you’re My son. You’re small, but you have the Force of your God. For in your hands, you have the Word of your God. You have all the Force of My Angels because they are protecting you with the Force of your God. For the Word has the Force of everything there is, of all that is, and going to be.

What you should do is worry for the people that come. That your God won’t do them harm, for if they come after you. They come after your God, and your God is going to protect you. Worry for them, for they have the manner of the devil, everything that is filthy, everything that is evil.

Your God wants everything that is clean. I want you to pray with all of your heart, with all of your spirit, with all of your mind to your God of Heaven, of the World, your Father, the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I want you to put everything you have, to trust Him, for with Him you can save yourself. Man cannot do a thing. He can’t even save himself.

Are you hearing Me with your ears? I love you with all of My Heart and I am not going to let anyone hit you. For you are Mine and what is Mine I protect. Don’t worry! Did you hear Me, Reymundo? Open your heart, hear the Words I am telling you. Implement all the Words into your heart. I know it is hard to implement things like these. For you have the fear of man.

I told you years ago that I wanted to use you and you told Me, yes; That you belonged to Me; That I was yours. The day is here that I am going to use you with the Force of God. I know what you’re going to do before you do it and I know that you will never leave. For I know what you have in your heart.

Your Body has fear, but your spirit has the hunger for your God. It has the Force of God. You will be all right, Reymundo. For you have the love of God. You have the love of Christ, your King of Kings. You have the love of the Holy Spirit. You have the love of your God, your Father. I will protect you My son. I will protect you. Stand on top of the Rock of My Son and don’t move to the left, to the right, to the front or back. If they want to throw you off, Hug the Rock and don’t move. For I am there with you.

Are you listening to Me, Reymundo? Are you listening to Me?, you’re not saying a thing…, Look! Reymundo, you’re going to do, and you’re going to see things people in this world aren’t going to believe. For they’re going to be miracles, but they are going to be the things of God. You have to make yourself strong. For the day is close that I am going to close this World. Because I am going to send the devil to the Pit with all that is his, everything that is evil, everything that’s of the devil is going to the Pit.

And the Saints that love Me, the Sheep have to hear the Word of God. I know you will do what I say. For I already know what’s going to happen, but I know this minute, you don’t know what to do. But Reymundo, everything will go well. Remember, stand on top of the Rock and don’t move. For no one can push you off the Rock. For My Hand, My Angels, My Son and the Holy Spirit are around you. Because what I say with My Word no one can change.

My Little One, My Beloved, I tell you these things with the love of My Heart. For you are My Beloved. Now, I want you to get up and start your computer. For you have to work. You have to send My Word. Hurry, My Beloved. Get up and start.

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