0298. Prophecy – The ball is spinning and approaching. Stay Clean, Righteous, the fox.


298. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 February 1993 at 5:06 PM. in English.


A vision of a Fox. The Fox changes into a Lamb.



Yes, yes, My Children. We will have to Stick together, the Clean, the Pure, the Righteous. We have to stay together. Make ourselves strong. For the ways of the devil are here, the ways of everything that is evil. Pray, Pray, Pray, and Pray, and help each other, guide each other, for the day of the devil is here. Look at the ways of the devil, and do what is Clean what is Righteous, what is of God, Jehovah, what is of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, what is of the Holy Spirit, and Pray, and Pray, and Pray. Stay away from evil My Children, My Lambs, My Sheep.

The Ball is spinning. The Ball is approaching the Planet Earth. The Ball will be here without notice. Open those Eyes, those Ears. Look for your God Jehovah. He will warn you, but you have to Pray and Listen. You have to Love each other. Listen to Me My Children, your Father will do everything that was done in the Bible, as it was written. He will do what was stated in the Bible, remember that, to the Letter, to the Word. Trust in Jehovah. Trust in Jesus. Trust in the Holy Spirit.

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