0312. Prophecy – Ray, don’t worry.


312. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 March 1993 at 7:59 PM. in Spanish.

Why, My son, don’t you believe Me? I am telling you the truth, the money will be there. What I want you to do is finish the Book of Isaiah in the Bible that I told you to read. Finish reading it.

Pray and I will tell you what to do, and when to do it. You have to think with the Mind of God. You have to point your nose toward Heaven. I know you have worries, but everything will go well for everything is in My Hands. Did you hear Me My Little Son, My Beloved? I hear your tears. I hear your prayers, but don’t worry. All will go well with your new wife, with your house, with your car, with your mind, with your spirit, with your family, with your friends.

You have to hear the Words of God. Don’t get frightened. All is going well. Don’t get frightened. All is going well. You’re going to know the Force of God. You’re going to know that all will come out well. The Prophecies are going to come out in the time that I will tell you. All is going to come out well. You are at the point where I want you. For all is in My Hands and I will direct everything, what you put on, what you eat, what you write, all are the steps of God. Don’t worry My Little Son. Don’t worry.

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