0344. Prophecy – God is going to shake the world up and down.


344. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 4 September 1993 at 11:37 PM. in Spanish.

It has burned. It has burned My Patience of the eye, My little son. The date has arrived of suffering of the world. It is here with tears I tell you the truth. The date has arrived. Put down everything I have told you. All that I am going to say to you in the manner of God. Put it down and write the Word of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

For I am going to shake the whole world up and down and from here to there. For the manner of the world is evil and I am tired of everything that is evil and the date of the Bible has arrived. It has arrived, the date of John. The One who wrote the Book, the last Book of the Bible. It has arrived. I tell you things to the point and straight and correctly for you are My Eyes, My Ears, and My Lips.

For you are going to frighten the Body of My Son. For I am telling you the truth. For they place their hands over their eyes and ears for they do not want to hear Me. But I am going to awaken them for I am the God of all and it has arrived “The End,” the last Book of the Bible.

Make yourself strong My Reymundo. Make yourself strong for I am going to use you with the Word of God. I want you to pray, read the Bible, and I will give you all that you want, of the heart, of the spirit, all in the manner of God.

My little son, rest. I know that you are tired of all the hours of working for your Father, for your King of Kings, for the Holy Spirit. I hear your tears. I hear your prayers. I see the sweat on your forehead, the sweat of the work of your God. I see All. Rest, My son. Rest for We are just starting. I, My Son, and the Holy Spirit are going to correct everything that is wrong in the manner of God. I am going to show you the things of the spirit, the things of the world, but you have to make yourself strong and you have to think clearly. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? Sleep and rest and I will awake you for church tomorrow, My loving, My beloved, My little son. Rest.

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