0359. Dream – A dream of a policeman and his daughter.


359. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 September 1993 at 7:10 AM.

I just had a very vivid dream of a resort area. This dream starts on this deserted street with these two men tying two nude women onto this metal rack of some kind. This young girl appeared, about seven or eight years old, and watched these men chain these two women. These men somehow talked or grabbed this young girl, and chained her onto the rack too. I can see this policeman watch as these men take photographs of the women. I believe the young girl is his daughter.

The next image is of this Policeman and he rents this store and starts to fix it up for businesses. As he is working his daughter shows up in an old car with these two men that I saw earlier. I can see him put down his tools and walk outside onto the porch as this car drives up.

Next I see the policeman on duty and investigating something in the dark basement of the store he is renting. I see him walk down a dark staircase into this room. He leaves the light off and pulls out his gun, looks along the wall, and sees all kinds of surf boards. For some reason this bright green surf board catches my eye.

I can see him walk through this basement very carefully and quietly. You can sense that he senses someone in the room. He walks besides this brick wall where all these surf boards are against the wall. As he walks cautiously he pulls back the hammer of his gun. He keeps looking at this florescent bright green surf board as he walks by.

For some reason he turns his body and the gun toward the other wall. All of a sudden another person with a gun behind this bright green surf board begins to shoot at the policeman.

I believe the policeman goes down, but I don’t see him fall. Instantly, I see bullets going into the surf board. I guess the policeman notices at the last second, and there is an exchange of gunfire when the policeman heard the click of the gun behind the green surf board. I don’t know if he fell down or was shot down, but I did sense him go down. This was another very vivid dream. Over.

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