0415. Prophecy – Jesus warns, buy your oil, fix your light put it where it is ready.


415. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 March 1994 at 7:34 AM. in Spanish.

I have passed. I have already passed. I have passed over there with the flame, with the flame of everything that is right, with the flame of Heaven, with the flame of My Father, with the flame of the Holy Spirit. I have passed it, the things of the world. They have arrived, at the end.

The Holy Spirit is going to begin to collect the things of Heaven. Open your ears, open your eyes. Wake up your spirit if it is asleep for here comes your God, the Christ, with the Force of the Father, with the Force of Christ, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. For if you don’t wake up, you are going to sleep in the pit. The day of repentance has arrived. The day of living has arrived. Here comes the bullets. Here comes the guns. Here comes the bombs. Here comes the devil.

Did you hear Me? The Devil! He is coming. Did you wake up? Are you hearing Me clearly, and to the point? For if you didn’t hear Me the devil is going to eat you with his pointed teeth. For the devil wants to take you to a place that you don’t want to live in. You have to hear Me. You have to look for Me. This is your Christ, I am telling you clearly and to the point.

When I arrive and if you are not ready, I am not going to take you. Just the ones that are clean and the ones that are ready. The ones that have the light in their hands if you have to go and look for some oil you are going to stay. Get ready! Buy your oil, fix your light, put it up where it is ready.

For I am going to come straight to look for you, to take you, to protect you, to save you. Did you hear Me? Fix your lamp, buy your oil for here I come My sons and daughters. I will see you my Precious Ones.

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