0426. Vision – A 5 inch cord between Mt. Diablo and Mt. Tamalpais.


426. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 April 1994.

I saw a silver looking cord or pipe, about 5 inches in diameter, that extended from a place near the peak of Mt. Tamalpais to a place near the peak of Mt. Diablo. This cord formed a perfectly straight and level line, between the two mountain peaks, with the bay and the land in between the two mountains.

Then the second vision was of a canoe that was attached to this silver cord. It looked like a canoe tram, riding on this straight and level cord. I could see two people in this canoe, paddling with oars, but the canoe was attached to the cord or silver pipe somehow. Then the visions stopped.

After anointing the rock, we walked until we found ourselves at the very top of the mountain and found a fire lookout tower. From this location we could see the large boulder we had anointed, with a glass bottle of olive oil sticking upside down on top of it. For it was about one hundred and fifty feet from the lookout tower facing San Francisco. So we decided to pray some more and walked back down the path and found another rock near the fire lookout tower facing the east bay, and prayed for about a half hour.

Then Lord said, ” It is done. It is complete. It is finished. I want you to leave now, but leave carefully. Be careful! Be careful!”

I remember, the Lord kept saying, “Be careful.” So I told my Christian brother the Word of the Lord and we left, very slowly and cautiously off the top of the mountain.

Spencer’s Battery Trip

On the way home my Christian brother said he wanted to stop at the northern end of the Golden Gate Bridge at a place called Spencer’s Battery. The U.S government had placed some cannons there, during troubled times, to protect the Golden Gate. So we prayed in tongues as we walked and reached the end of a cable hand rail that stopped people from going over the edge into the water.

We could see ships leaving the bay, onto the Pacific Ocean, and it reminded me of the vision I saw months ago of a ship sailing into the Golden Gate and exploding a nuclear device. Now, I am seeing this same place except from a different angle. As I watched, I sensed the Lord showing me a before-and-after picture of the San Francisco Bay. During this I sensed the Presence of the Lord, and even now as I am tape-recording this occurrence, His Presence seems to be here.

It is scary and frightening recalling that vision and seeing the device go off in the San Francisco Bay. Today the Bay looks so clear, calm, and so beautiful, with many people going over the Golden Gate Bridge. And as I see it in the spirit, they are not aware of what’s ahead of them.

Oakland Trip

Later that evening the same Christian brother asked me out to dinner. So, at 7 PM, we left for a Chinese restaurant, in Oakland, and fellowship as many Christians do. Then, all of a sudden, the Lord began to speak to me at the same time my friend was talking. This was a very strange sensation, as I heard my Christian brother telling me his views, on different subjects, and the Lord speaking to my spirit, at the same time, and being able to understand the both of them at the same time clearly.

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