0637. Prophecy – The Word is correct, the communion is correct.


0637. Prophecy sound file is in Spanish was recorded as the Lord spoke through me as in other Prophecy sound files that have been uploaded. It is best to read the English text as you listen to the Spanish sound file.



637. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 8 November 1994 at 10:35 AM. in Spanish

My beloved; the Word, the Word is correct, the Communion is correct, but the thing is…, that the Body of My Son is not hearing the Word correctly. They are deaf and they are blind. They just want to hear what suits them in the manner of man. Those are the things of the world in the Body of My Son. I am going to give you the sight of the things that are going to come. And the people of the Body of My Son that want to hear; that want to see the correct manner of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is going to touch them. The Holy Spirit is going to open their eyes and their ears and their spirit, so they can see things correctly. For we are very close to the end.

The Holy Spirit is going to help you with the gifts, with the things you need to seek the Son Jesus and the Father. I know…., that you are a very determined man. I know…., that your heart is pointed to the things of God. I know…, the things of the world, the things of yours friends that are helping you. I know that they are pointed also, but everything is going to go well, exactly like God of Heaven, of the world, of all that you see, of all that you touch, like He wrote it. This is your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit telling you the Wisdom of Heaven.

There are many of the world that are going to cry for what they are going to read in the Prophecies. For the Holy Spirit is going to touch them. Their eyes, ears and spirit are going to open . They are going to know that they were walking on the road to the pit and they didn’t even know. They’re going to be frightened for the Holy Spirit is going to show them that they were walking in the manner of the devil, in the manner of man, but that’s the work of the Holy Spirit. All that you and your friends have to do is to write the Word EXACTLY as I give it to you and send it to the whole world with the Force of the Holy Spirit, and everything will go well with them, you, your friends and their families.

For I protect what is Mine. Did you hear Me? I protect what is Mine! I tell you exactly and to the point with My Word, Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, with the Lips of the Father that I protect what is Mine. I protect all that is of My Son, all the Sheep that have their ears and their eyes open in the manner of God. I will see you My sons and My daughters. This is your Father with the Son, with the Holy Spirit telling you the Wisdom of Heaven with My prophet, Reymundo.


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