0689. Dream – A dream about the City of Oakland.


689. Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 17 February 1995 at 6:47 AM.

I had a dream about the City of Oakland. For some reason I had to go to downtown Oakland. I was driving on San Pablo Ave. toward Oakland when I noticed the street was cut in half with a cyclone fence. The four lanes was divided into two lanes. I guess the city was running out of street money so it cut the four traffic lanes into two lanes. As I changed over to the single lane, I noticed that it had outside speakers telling people not to desert the city and to patronize the local shops. Because if people kept leaving the city, they would have to close down the schools or the sixth grade. That the sixth grade wouldn’t be taught anymore in the elementary schools.

As I got into the main part of the city I could see all kinds of people around this one area, and you couldn’t go into this area unless you had some sort of ticket. The old kind of ticket you used to use to get into the movies. I guess all of this reorganization had just started. For people were leaving the city very upset. I parked my car and walked into this mall, but for some reason I needed an umbrella. Someone gave me a tall umbrella with handle of ten or twelve feet long.

I walked into an open area which had tables almost like a cafeteria, but it was covered and was part of the mall. I sat down and watched people eat. Someone came by and gave me a ticket. They said that I needed this ticket from now on to buy any food. I don’t remember why but I decided to leave and as I was leaving I noticed some people were leaving without their food tickets because they were disgusted with the system. So I pick up a bunch of the tickets thinking I might need them in the future and proceeded out through a guarded gate.

But I remembered that I had to return this unusual umbrella. So I went back into the mall where I over-heard a councilman say that they had to keep the city together and could not let the people leave. For people were deserting the city in great numbers.

After this I went outside where they had a bunch of tables and I sat down and began talking to some friends. Somehow I could see people electronically ease dropping on people. As I was sitting on this outside balcony talking with some people, I remember seeing in the dream, that there was a man downstairs in this open area with something in his ear trying to listen to our conversation. This one man kept looking up so long that I guess he got a muscle spasm in his neck, and had to be carried out. These people with their special listening equipment were trying to seek us out, but they didn’t know we were right above them in this open area. They were really trying hard to find us, but for some reason they couldn’t. I could see some of them on top of roofs. I don’t know if these men were from the government, for I didn’t see any military or soldiers or anything of that sort. But they were still trying to ease-drop on what people were saying. It looked like a city just trying to survive because it was financially broke. I walked to my parked car outside this cyclone fence area and then I woke up. (over)

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