0711. Prophecy – The earthquake of the United States and California.


711. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 April 1995 at 9 PM. in Spanish.

There it is, there it is, the head of the horse. The horse of the north, the horse of the south, the horse of the world. It has arrived, the horse of the earthquake. The earthquake that is going to hit the United States and the earthquake of California. It has arrived, the Force of God. I tell you correctly. I tell you to the point. I tell you the things of the your Father, the things of the Son, the things of the Holy Spirit. It has arrived, the Hand of the Father, the Hand of the Son, the Hand of the Holy Spirit. Did you hear Me!, people of the world? This is your Father, this is your Father. The Father that made all, the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. It has arrived, “The End of everything that is filthy in California.”

Read it in the Bible, in the last book, on how I am going to hit the world. That’s the way it’s going to happen to California, to the world. For everything that’s filthy in the world is in California. I tell you and I tell you and I tell you. And you just shut your eyes and ears. It has arrived, the fright of God, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of My Son, My Word, with the Force of the Father. I tell you clearly. I tell you with My open Lips. For the ground is going to open and it’s going to eat all that is filthy. Eat the Communion if you want to save yourself. Pray for your brothers and sisters, your male and female friends. For there comes My Hand. I am going to hit California like I hit a fly. I am not playing, this is not a game. This is the Word of your God, Clearly and to the Point.

Did you hear Me? Did you Hear Me? I know that you don’t see a thing. But you are getting frightened. You don’t know what it is to be frightened, until I hit California and the United States. Then you will know what it is to be frightened. You are going to know who is your God. The One who made all, with the Word, with the Holy Spirit. It has arrived!, the calamity of the world, that you’ve read in this prophecy today. For you are going to lose your mother, your father, your son and your daughter, because you don’t pray. And you yourself are going to the pit.

You believe you can learn what you need in the churches, but you don’t seek your God; the One who made all, the world, the stars, all that you see, and all that you touch. You don’t seek your God! You seek your churches and the men that believe they know the Bible. All that they know is the pit. Wake up, open your eyes and ears, and point your nose toward Heaven and pray and pray and pray until you can’t talk. And clean your heart, repent, and clean your body, and give it to your God, with all that you have; day by day. I am telling you clearly. For I read the heart. I don’t read your lips, the lips of the devil, the lips of man that seeks the devil.

How many times have I told you to seek Me, with your heart, with your body, with your eyes, with your ears. But you have to do what you have to do; for you have a business; you have things to do, and places to go; but you don’t have the time for your God. I AM GOING TO STOP YOU! I am going to stop you, with My Hand, fast and to the point, to see if you will seek Me.

For the day of man is finished, the day of the devil is finished. It has arrived, the Day of My Son, Jesus. It has arrived the Force of the Holy Spirit. The End has arrived. It has arrived, everything that I have told in the Bible to the point on top of your head. I know that this prophecy is going to hit you very hard. But My Hand is going to hit you if you don’t hear what I am telling you. Take this prophecy and give it your pastor, to your male and female friends, to your family, so they can see and repent, and seek their God.

This is for you! You know this is the Father telling you the Truth. For I am the Truth, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. For when I say something, “It happens.” Did you hear Me? When I say something, “It happens.” Did you hear Me Clearly? Did you hear Me to the Point? When I say something: It happens with Force!” Here comes the fright, the fright of the devil, the fright of man. Here comes My Son Jesus to take what’s His, and sending everything else to the pit, with the Fury of Heaven, with the Fury of the Father, with the Fury of the Son. What I tell you is going to happen, to the letter, to the point. I tell you with tears. I tell you the truth. It has arrived the calamity of the world, the calamity of the United States.

Read the Bible. Read the last book of the Bible. For here comes My Son. It has arrived, everything that John said, to the point. Hurry!, get scared. Read the Bible. Seek your male and female friends for it has arrived, the Fury of Heaven.

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