0769. Occurrence – Spiritual warfare.


769. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 July 1995 at 3:00 AM.

Saturday I was totally exhausted, so I went camping, and most of the day I spent praying and trying to get some quality time with the Lord. Then early Sunday morning while sleeping on my stomach, a demonic spirit attacked me hard, and pinned me to the ground. This demonic creature, with his teeth clamped onto the back of my neck, totally paralyzed me. I sensed this enormous mouth wrapped around the back of my neck and I couldn’t move. I believe, if it was allowed, it could of snapped my head right off. I was really frightened and kept praying and praying in my mind, and I tried to pretend I was asleep by snoring, but I could feel his teeth.

I don’t really know…, and I don’t really understand, but it seemed as if I was in the spirit and in the flesh, all at the same time. I believe I was in the spirit though, but I am not sure. Somehow I was able to reach behind me and touch this creature in the spirit, but my physical body was paralyzed and couldn’t move. All I could feel were these enormous teeth that were three to four inches long and very sharp. Then I realized I was in big trouble!!! So I prayed and prayed (JESUS!, JESUS!, JESUS!) and the next thing I knew he was off and gone.

I was hit without any warning. It felt as if this creature had crashed the whole dome tent on top of me, and clamped his teeth around my neck instantaneously. But after the Lord removed this thing off, I could see that my tent was still up, my heart was beating rapidly, and the creature was gone. I cannot explain it, but I wasn’t dreaming. Something hit me HARD and FAST in the spirit, and it vanished just as fast as it struck, but there were a few minutes of fear. (It felt like hours!) Though, I had the sensation that the Lord was stopping it from closing its jaws on my neck. (Thank you Lord.) So immediately I rolled onto my back and praised the Lord. Now, I was afraid to go back to asleep, but eventually I did.

Spiritual warfare is MORE than just praying in tongues. You’re actually fighting demonic spirits that seem to have shapes and bodies that you cannot describe in the flesh. Almost as if they are animals in the spirit, but very REAL, VERY REAL!!! (over)

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