0889. Prophecy – Leviathan. My sons and daughters I know that you are seeking Me.


889. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 April 1996 at 9:40 PM. in Spanish.

Leviathan, here comes leviathan, with the moist meat, with everything that is filthy. Leviathan has arrived.

My sons and daughters of the world, I know that you are seeking Me. I know that you seek Me here and there. Where you work, with your friends, in the churches, with your husband and your wife, you seek Me everywhere, but I am there in front of your nose. You can reach out your hand, and you can touch Me.

Many that believe in God- want to hear the Word of God. They want to hear it directly, to see what God says, the One who made the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch. You have to pray. Yes! First you have to pray with all of your heart. You have to repent and you have to change the manner that you are living. You have to seek My Son, Jesus, with the Tears of God; I tell you the Truth. You have to seek Him and the Holy Spirit will help you.

Yes! You don’t see Him, but He is there, telling you things; showing you the manner of God, the manner of the Son. Look! Here comes the point of this world, the time, that you are going to find Me. Sometimes it is going to be very rapidly. Sometimes it’s going to be slowly, but it is Clear and Exact- that We are going to see each other, Eye to eye; Love with Love, because you sought Me with the Faith of God, with the Faith in Christ, Jesus, in the Faith of the Holy Spirit. This is your Father telling you the wisdom from heaven.

I know the tears, I know the things; that happened to you when you were a child. I know about the bad things that happened to you. The things that your father and mother did to you. I saw all and I am going to correct everything. This is Clear and to the Point, and I am going to seek you too. I am going to protect you with My Angels because you are seeking Me with your heart, with the heart of a little child. I know! The tears that you have cried because you don’t believe I am there, but yes, I am there. I hear all; I see all; I correct all; the things you cannot do yourself. With the Holy Spirit, with the Angels, with the Word of My Son, with the Force of the Father- We will correct the things that you need to corrected.

For I now know that you Love Me with the Love of your heart. I know that you Love Me with ALL that you have. I know those places you cannot control because you don’t have the power, but look- I have the Power of ALL! I can change everything, if you are sick; if you need something; if you want to change the mind of your mother or your father or brother or sister; if you want them to seek Me also. I will help you, but you have to pray. You have to eat the Communion. You have to gather with the other brothers and sisters that believe like you. That have a pure heart and are looking to My Son, Jesus with the Force of the Holy Spirit. All will go well.

I know the things that are going to happen before they happen. No one can fool Me. But look- I know your heart. You seek Me, and I will show you the things of God. I am going to give you dreams; I am going to give you pictures, pictures of the spirit. I am going to give you the visions of your male and female friends of the world, and you are going to hear the Word of God. For the Holy Spirit is going to call to you; He is going to touch you. And sometimes you are going to be frightened- for never, never in all of your life have you touched the Holy Spirit in the manner He is going to touch you, in the days that are coming. This is Clear and it is to the Point; ALL that I am telling you.

For there in front of Us, a day is going to come, that you are going to live with the Father in a manner that you have never ever lived before. Because you are going to be CLEAN and all that you see or touch is going to be clean too. I know it is very hard to understand these things because you have never felt things like this. For here comes the day that it is going to happen. But there are going to be in the future some days that are going to be very hard. And you are going to have to make yourself very strong.

For there is going to be a man who is going to want to eat you. And I want you to make yourself strong, but don’t worry about what happens. For everything is in My Hands. You are going to need the faith, that your Father, with the Son, Jesus, with the Holy Spirit- that THEY can correct ALL. They cannot take away anything, for ALL is MINE and I protect what is MINE. Yes! I tell you with Love. I tell you with Tears. I tell you the wisdom from Heaven.

For you BELONG to Me and I am yours, and no one in the whole world, in all the stars, can break that WORD! For the TWO of Us are ONE! And I am waiting for you in Heaven. It is very close. I know that some don’t believe for they don’t have the faith, but all you need is a little faith. And all will go well because day by day you will become stronger. And the Angels and the Holy Spirit are going to show you, so you can change. So you can change your wife, your sons and daughters, your friends, your female friends. I know it is hard for you have never walked like this.

You have to change what you see, what you touch, what you seek that isn’t of God. For all the things of God are CLEAN and they are CLEAR. The things of the world are very easy and the devil likes to show you, and take you to places that are not good; where people drink; where people take drugs; the places where you seek men and women, in the places that are filthy. But I can correct all! You have to repent and you have to control what you can, and leave the rest for Me. But you have to pray, and you have to tell Me that you have repented, and you have to change the ways you are walking. I just don’t want to hear your lips. I want to hear your heart. That’s what is important. This is all I want to tell you on this minute, on this day with My Prophet, Reymundo.

Hurry! Seek Me!, on your knees praying to your God with the tears of repentance. Eat the Communion- and I will show you the things of Heaven. This is your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, with all that is CLEAN and CORRECT and RIGHTEOUS. Hurry, My son and daughter with Love I tell you the TRUTH. I am there in front of your nose. Raise your hands and touch Me and I will KISS you on the LIPS and I will hug you, and We will have a party in Heaven. For you have found your God. With Love, I tell you this Word. (over)


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