1040. Prophecy – We are going to cry for the people who do not want to hear Me.


1040. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 7 May 1997 at 1:10 AM. in Spanish.

It is I. It is I, My son. I know that you are tired. That you cannot keep your eyes open; for you are so tired. It has arrived, Reymundo, it has arrived the present that I was going to give you. It has arrived. The present is ready, and I am going to give it to you with the Love of your Father, with the Love of My Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit. You know that I am saying the truth, but when your present arrives; you are going to know, that all that I have said to you in the years past is going to happen. It is going to happen to the point. I know that you do not want to hear Me for you are so tired, but I tell you the truth. I tell you the things of Heaven.

You are My beloved. You hadn’t been born; the day that I appointed you, so you could carry My Word. But I knew, that the day was going to come, when the Two of Us were going to talk, and the Two of Us were going to Cry. We are going to cry for the people who do not want to hear Me. We are going to Cry, for they do not want to hear the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But I knew many years before, that this date was going to arrived to the point. But make yourself strong Reymundo, and remember that I hear your tears.

But people have such hard heads, and such hard hearts, that no one can change them, I know that it hurts your heart. Make yourself strong, for things are going to become hotter, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. It has arrived; the end of all that is bad. It has arrived the end of the devil. I am going to hit him like a fly. There are people in the world that do not believe Me. They believe that you, Reymundo, are crazy with all of the Words that you say, and in all the manners that you say them. But I am going to show them how crazy you are. For all that I have said to you, and all that you have written is going to happen, to the letter, to the point. That’s why you have to make yourself strong, for they are going to get mad with you. But remember, I am going to give you the present. Yes! I am going to give it to you.

I know this minute, what you are saying to yourself. “What is My Father talking about this present? I didn’t know nothing about a present.”

Yes, I know what you are saying, Reymundo! I have told you, but you have not heard Me. Do you remember the promises? So you remember, My Word? It has arrived the day that I told you. Raise your hands right now! And I will tell you the truth for your present has arrived. All! All! All! All is going to go well, you just have to do what I have said to you. I will protect you; you and your friend, and all those who help you, I am going to protect. For they are taking care of the Word of God with the Force of the Holy Spirit, I tell you the truth. It has arrived the match. Remember the match that I told you about years ago. It has arrived.

I know what you are thinking; for I am showing you some onions. But remember from where the onion comes from. The onion comes from the ground. That’s way it is going to happen. I am going to take them out like an onion. All that are! Remember, all that are, I am going to lift up. Like an onion. Hurry sleep, and rest for I know that you are tired. (over)

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