1121. Occurrence – The prophecy about Bill Gates left me totally exhausted.


1121. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 November 1997 at 9:15 AM. to 9:00 PM.

After sending out Prophecy #1120 (the prophecy about Bill Gates), even though it only took a few minutes to receive it. Somehow those minutes of receiving it; left me totally exhausted. I only had enough strength to update my web site, and to send it out to the people on our e-mail list.

I do not understand why at times, there is such a physical drain on my body, when some of these prophecies come to me. I have no idea if other prophets experience the same. I was totally exhausted after this Occurrence. My physical strength went to an all time low. After I sent it out, and placed it on the web site; I went back to bed. It was only about 10 or 11 o’clock in the morning, but I felt like I had worked 20 hours. I stayed pretty much in bed most of the day until about 4 PM. Then I started feeling very depressed. So I decided to get dressed and go to a movie. I remembered, the difficulty of getting out of my car, and walking from the parking lot to the movie theater.

As I sat there thinking of what had happened that morning, and wondered how all of this was changing my Christian walk. I remembered how easy life was before the Lord started speaking to me, and what I had learned and experienced the past eight years.

The movie started, and it was getting interesting, and I began to forget everything that had happened that morning. When all of a sudden the movie camera broke, and the film started flicking. The lights came on, and a employee from the theater told us that the movie could not be completed. Then the manager gave us all a free movie pass for the next showing at 7 PM..

I was very disappointed, and I worked my tired body back home. I laid down once more, but this depression would not leave me. All I seemed to do was toss and turn on my bed until about 6:45 PM. At this point, I made my mind up to get out of bed and go back to the movie theater. So once more, I got my tired body out of the car and made my way back to the theater. By the time I got there, the movie had already been running for about ten minutes. Well, I once again, I forgot about my morning occurrence, and got into the movie plot again. Then the theater lights came on, while the film was still running! Then the lights went off; and the curtains closed, then they opened, then the film stopped! Then the lights went back on, then off, everything went crazy! Finally the film, curtains, and lights settled down, and I saw the rest of the movie, and I went home.

As I drove home, I began to wonder if this was all because of the earlier (#1120 and #1121) Prophecies, and began to pray to the Lord for help. (over)

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