1315. Prophecy – Angel of Death makes the foot prints across Europe.


1315. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 April 1999.

Hello Reymundo, thank you Reymundo. For all that will be, will be. My Stomach is full of spices, of minerals, of the good things of this planet. I must eat, what I must eat! I must digest, what I must digest. Some will be converted to energy for My Body. Other things will go through My Body as waste.

As the Angel of Death makes the foot prints across Europe. From Western to Eastern Europe the Blood of Jesus will cover, the things that are Mine, and will destroy the things that are not Mine. The blood of mankind will flow and stop at the river Tigris. When the blood stops, then the great battle will begin, the battle of battles, the wars of wars.

The Ark of the Covenant will be revealed. The Power of Jehovah will be revealed. All that was – will not be! All that is – will stop! All that is up will be down. What is down will be up. The Light of Jehovah will Shine in the darkness. The trail of death and destruction will follow the Angel of Death. From the west to the east, from the north to the south all of mankind will know, will taste the Angel of Death from the highest to the lowest, from the weakest to the strongest, from the youngest to the oldest, from the brave to the not so brave. The Angel of Death will cross – across, across, across, the planet of the earth.

The earth will know, will see, will taste the Blood of Jesus. All who know will shake in fear. The knowledge of man will die. The Wisdom of God will grow. The things that man holds dear, he will lose. The Power of Jehovah will be revealed to the weak, to the sheep of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For the Pasture will be moved, the Gate will be opened. My Son will call from the Word of God and the sheep will follow, meekly, humbly. For they know the sound of My Son, the sound of His Voice, the sound of His Footsteps and the Power and the Glory that I have given Him.

Remember – Jehovah has said – Jehovah has spoken – Jehovah will do. I, Jehovah have the Power of Power, the Glory of Glory, have sent My Son. Jehovah has sent My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Map that My little Reymundo has walked. Remember you can laugh. Remember the Power of God. Remember what I say will be done to the letter, to the point, to all that is righteous, to all that is good, to all that is of My Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, through the Power of the Holy Spirit. Through the Love of Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit all will be just as I have said, to the point, to the letter, to the Power of God. For the end is before you. For the end will be according to My Plan, My Map, My Power, My Love. (over)

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