1335. Prophecy – I am going to do a Miracle.


1335. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 May 1999 at 4:03 PM. in Spanish.

How is it going? How is it going, My son? Rest! Rest your body, your mind. All is going to go well. I am sending you money. There are many who you do not know, that have the heart that burns for God. Those are My Sheep. The Holy Spirit is burning their spirit. They are seeking Me with the Love of Heaven. All together, We are going to point the things of God toward Heaven with the Love of My Son, with the Love of the Holy Spirit, with the Love of the Father.

I know that you do not believe Me about your wife. So many years have passed and I tell you and I tell you. But it is going to happen My son! She is going to send you a photograph with the Lips of God. All! – that she wants, you want. And what you want I want. But look – We have to do many things before THE END comes and I want you to rest. Yes – I know that your body hurts, but I can fix all. But rest My son, for We have to point the things of God toward Heaven. And I know that you are going to need help. I will tell you one thing, your wife is beautiful. Yes! And she is young. Yes! I know, that I do not tell you many things (about your wife) because I want you to put all that you have to the work I tell you.

Here comes a Date and on this Date, I am going to do a Miracle. Yes, Reymundo a Miracle! I can do Miracles whenever I want, but this Miracle that I am going to do, the whole world is going to see it. And some are going to be frightened, for they are going to know – That these things can only come from God! The Miracle of your Father, the Miracle of the My Son, the Miracle of the Holy Spirit. I do not want to tell you the Date or the Time. For I want you to see it at the same time as the others. And this Miracle comes from the Heart of God. But you can write all that I tell you, about your wife, of the Miracle, of your body, but remember I want you to rest. I am sending you money right now, like I have told you earlier. All is in My Hands, but you know and I know, that there comes the Miracle. Hurry My son, rest, but I want you to write down everything with the Hand of God. Yes, Yes, Yes, here comes My Son, Jesus! (over)

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