1366. Occurrence – A very hard time focusing on the Lord.


1366. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 22 July 1999.

During my prayer times in the City of Jerusalem, I was having a very hard time focusing on the Lord, but I could sense this invisible Dome of protection around me. The Old City of Jerusalem was in walking distance from my hotel, and I could sense this incredible war in the spirit over the City during my nighttime prayers. Every night I would read the Bible before I went to sleep and this helped a lot. I was reading the Book of Jeremiah, and the more I read Jeremiah, the more I wondered what happened during Jeremiah’s time. Realizing that Jerusalem was surrounded when this happened – it made me wonder even more! I have no idea if Jeremiah sensed the same spiritual warfare I was sensing every night, but the whole city seemed to be in an uproar and mad at Jeremiah. The other prophets that were saying the opposite of what Jeremiah said must have believed that what they were hearing was from God also. The frightening thing was Jeremiah was the only one who was hearing the Lord clearly. This made me more determined to stay focused!

Every night I had demonic spirits tell me this and that until I was beginning to doubt which was the Lord and which were the devils. I prayed and I prayed and I tried to focus the best I could, but I felt like I was on this roller coaster that went racing up and down. Then out of nowhere, I realized what the Lord was doing with me. He was showing me how strong the demonic forces are in Jerusalem and how they fooled the other prophets in Jeremiah’s time. These are very strong and powerful lying spirits and now I could see how the other prophets got fooled. They must of really believed they were hearing from God too.

So I prayed to the Lord, “How am I to tell it is you or tell the difference between you and them with all of this interference from these demonic spirits? And how can I even trust your Voice now? I don’t even know the next place to Anoint. How can I proceed?”

Then Lord said, “Seek and you will find!”

All I could say in return was: “Lord, – I am a fish out of water here! If I make a mistake do not say I didn’t warn you. These deceiving spirits are very, very good and I can truly say I am walking on water now! I can truly see how the prophets of Jeremiah’s time got fooled. The more I read the Book of Jeremiah the more I understand his obstacles in the spirit. I am going to need some confirmations if I have some doubts.”

And the Lord said, “Don’t worry, We are with you!”

I said to the Lord, “Please don’t get mad if I test and test and re-test your Word during my stay in Israel.”

Comments: I might add that I knew the importance of my mission in Israel and walking into all of this unusual powerful spiritual warfare was frightening. But yet, I could still sense this powerful Dome of protection around me. As if a nuclear bomb could have gone off in my lap it would not have hurt me. I could really sense this protection very tightly around me, but yet – these demonic forces could still speak to me. This is very strange stuff!

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