1378. Prophecy – The blessing are going to stop!


1378. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 July 1999

During prayer the Lord said, “The blessing are going to stop!”


Then later the Lord showed me the letter “S” and the letters “US”.


Then I saw an outside round planter box with a tree in it. I noticed that the small tree had no leaves. Then the tree began to grow and grow and it blossomed. It looked like it grew from about 2 feet to 6 feet.

Prophecy at 8:30 PM:

I was really feeling sick this evening and Carl and Mark prayed for me and the Lord said, “It is the enemy who made you sick because you were so bold in Anointing the walls of the Siq. Because of your boldness all of their god spirits got mad”.

Then the Lord said, “A three strand rope is hard to break”.

Then later during prayer, we prayed for the Lord’s protection for the three of us, and the Lord said, “Stay away from mushrooms!”

I was really feeling ill during this time and Carl and Mark left me at the Hotel and they set out for the Old City of Jerusalem. They told me that they had Anointed the Old City walls outside the Dome of the Rock. Then they prayed at a walkway near the Golden Gate.

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