1410. Occurrence – I heard a demonic voice say…


1410. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 August 1999.

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Hello Brothers and Sisters,

The warfare around my home has intensified again. Every time I try to type any new material my right arm begins to really hurt. I had to change the use of my mouse to my left hand. The other day I went to the Post office to get my mail and found my mailbox empty.

Then before I locked it, I heard a demonic voice say, “I am going to stop all funds going to this ministry!”

Then I heard the Lord say, “No he isn’t!”

I might say this surprised me and I locked up the P.O. Box and drove home wondering what was going on. Since I returned from Israel, there has been nothing but warfare and more warfare. My right arm is always hurting and at times I cannot sleep.

Then the next day I went to the Post Office again and I heard the same voice say, “Didn’t I tell you that I was going to stop the funds going to this ministry!”

For the P.O Box was empty again. This time the Lord said nothing, but in my spirit and flesh I remembered what the Lord had said the day before. It was as if the Lord was saying to me in my spirit, “DO YOU TRUST ME?” When I get this sense in the spirit, I know better than to ask the Lord for clarification. For He had already told the answer I needed to hear the day before.

I am going to need more prayers through these hard times, because I am going to try to begin to type the new material again. I guess, it is time to carry my cross and follow the Lord, even if it hurts. Come to think about it – I have been getting e-mail and a letter from a few brothers, who wrote to me that the Lord told them to send me something extra. I found their letters strange and wrote them back telling them I was all right. Maybe I am not all right and I do not even know it!

Then after receiving some hate mail a few days ago, I began feeling down and out. Then a good friend and brother in Christ began telling me his doubts and to my surprise the Lord lifted me and reveled all the prophecies He had given over the past ten years about days like this. Praise the Lord!!! For the Lord showed up and not only lifted me up, but He gave me the added strength I needed to run not to walk after Him. Praise the Lord again and again!

Yours in Christ,


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