1419. Prophecy – There is a man that lives in a high rise house.


1419. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 November 1999 at 1 AM in Spanish.

I chewed her! Yes, Reymundo, I chewed her! – The woman, who is in jail because she killed her husband. Yes, I chewed her with My teeth. I do not know why people believe they can do what they want. “I”, the God, who made the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch – ALL is in My Hands! With the Force of My Son, with the Force of the Holy Spirit – I chewed her! – the woman, who is in jail.

There is a man that lives in a high rise house. The house is very high, it almost touches the sky. He believes a lot of himself. He likes to look down at the cars that go here and there. He believes he is god. Right now he is making a plan to kill three people. For he believes he can do what he wants. You know what, Reymundo? I am going to stop him. I am going to stop him with My Thumb. Because there is only ONE God and I am HIM! – With My Son, with the Holy Spirit.

People believe that I do not see the bad things. They believe no one knows, but I know everything, Reymundo – I know everything! I know these things before they happen. You can lay down outside and you can see the stars and all the lights that you see in the heavens, I made them with My Word. There is nothing that I did not make. I made your heart. I made your mind. I made all of these things. But the day has now arrived, that I am going to stop – all that I have made. And I am going to clean up all that is filthy. I am tired of all the sins. I am tired of all the bad that I see with My Eyes and that I hear with My Ears. We have almost arrived at the point of the end.

I give you prophecies and I give you prophecies and sometimes people open their eyes and their ears. It gives Me joy because I read the heart. With tears it gives Me joy. For I know that they are seeking Me! But there are others that are seeking the manner of man. And they are using the Bible and they believe they are so great and they believe they know everything. But here comes the day that I am going to stop them too! Yes, Reymundo – to the point! We have arrived at the day that We have to gather My sheep and take them to Heaven.

I told you that I was going to send you money and still you do not believe Me! Yes, I know that you have suffered, but the work that you are doing – you are doing it very well. I like the strength that you use with the Holy Spirit. I hear your tears. I know that your body hurts and sometimes your mind, but I know that you are My sheep and I know that you are going to do all that I tell you to the point. Here comes the money that you need. I give it to you with joy! For there are many sheep that are eating My Word that you are writing. And these sheep are going to send you the money with joy. For the Holy Spirit has told them. But do not worry – here comes your wife, your love. Here comes all that I have promised you. Hurry (come on) rest and sleep, for We have work to do tomorrow. (over)

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