1501 Occurrence – Tree with its roots coming down from Heaven.


1501. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 May 2000 at 6:30 PM.

I have been working many hours on the computer and I was very tired. So I decided to lay down and rest. Once I was on top of the bed, I asked Eva to fix me something to eat, for I had not eaten much all day. So she went downstairs and I began to pray to the Lord about our finances. A few days ago, I had received a $1000 tax bill for the house, and I was about $850 behind on my monthly bills. I was tired and started to feel depressed. But when I was praying to the Lord, I remembered something about when you are weak in the body, you are strong in the spirit. So I began to pray to the Lord about my needs. All of a sudden my prayer language began to speak strong in the spirit and the Lord gave me a vision I had seen earlier.

Then my prayer language began to get louder and louder and I began to see strange things. Then the Lord instructed me to raise my hands into the air and to keep praying. I felt like I was in some kind of spiritual war, but I was not sure because of the strange sounds coming from my prayer language. I could also sense this incredible Power flowing through my body as I prayed. Then I saw what looked like two dinosaurs opening their mouths, but I do not know, if they were evil spirits, but as I watched, their heads were cut off. Then the Lord instructed me to get up from the bed and to stand facing east. So I got up and faced east and prayed. Then the Lord instructed me to face south and pray. Then again I was instructed to face west and pray, and finally I was to face north and pray this very unusual prayer language. Then I was shown the visions below.


I saw myself somehow in the spirit, but I was viewing myself from high in the sky. I could see myself walking through this tall grass swinging my sword and cutting a path through the grass, which was taller than I. As I watched myself from the sky, I could see in the distance a wall of fire moving toward me on my left side. I guess, I could not see it from the ground, because I just kept on cutting my path through the tall grass. As soon as the grass fire or the wall of fire got close to me, I noticed this invisible wall or wind appear between the moving firewall and myself. But I kept swinging my sword and moving forward and not knowing what was going on to the left of me.


Then I saw this very, very large Tree with its roots coming down from Heaven. As I saw the Tree pass me, now I could the Tree below me, and I could see the base of the Trunk of the Tree. As I watched, I saw Lighting or an arc of fire separate the roots from the Tree. Then all of sudden the Tree began to spin in a circular motion, and the Tree changed into a whirlwind in the sky.


Then I saw the Greek letters Alfa and Omega.


Then I saw this Door to Heaven. But what was so strange was this Door shape looked like one of my house doors. This Door to Heaven was so CLEAN and pure White. I could not believe anything could be that clean and white looking. Then I saw this Golden Doorknob on the Door. The Doorknob was also very CLEAN and shiny yellow. I could not comprehend how CLEAN everything was. As I watched this, I noticed that the Golden Doorknob was being removed from the Door.


Then I saw this Whirlwind again, but this time the Whirlwind had a whip somehow tied to the edge of it, and the extended whip spun around and around the outer edge of the Whirlwind. I could see the whip destroying everything that came in contact with it. It reminded me of one of those electric or gas driven weed-eaters that people use to cut grass.


Then I saw a nuclear explosion. (over)

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