1507. Prophecy – South American Mission Trip.


1507. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 June 2000 at 4 PM.

During prayer with Carl about the South American trip the Lord gave me the following visions.


I saw a wide wedding ring on a finger. Then I saw something sharp come down and cut the finger at the knuckle on the wedding ring finger.


Then I saw this figure of a man (I believe it was me), and this large dragon sprang-up and its whole mouth came down around this figure of a man and tried to swallow the man without success.


Then I saw this bird looking creature trying to chew this figure of a man without success. The bird chewed and chewed, but it did not effect this man.


Then I saw this tree stump. As I watched the tree stump, this large pole came down and hit the tree stump dead center and drove the tree stump into the ground. (over)

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