1535. Prophecy – In Bogotá, Columbia


1535. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera 15 July 2000 at 12:30 PM.

In Bogotá, Columbia


The fire is going to come down and hit this place – the destruction will be severe. If you want to escape you’re going to have to leave this city. The vengeance of God will befall this place, so I said it, so it will be done. The people believe they can mock God and get away with it. They are sadly mistaken for the thumb of God will come down to destroy what is evil, what is not of God.  I’m going to separate the sheep from the goats.  I’m going to protect the sheep and destroy the goats.  The whore will be released”   

Then the Lord said, “Castle”

Then the Lord said, “Pray for motorcyclists”

At 12:50 PM:

The Lord said, “What goes up comes down.”


During our drive (Carl, Manuel from our e-mail list, and I) through Bogotá seeking the place to Anoint we saw and cemetery and prayed if we should Anoint there and the Lord said, “Cemetery.” 

Then later the Lord said, “Watch out”. 

Then the Lord said, “Asco”, the Spanish word which translates to nauseous.

The Lord said, “Cascara” (Spanish word meaning rind, skin, peel)

Then the Lord said, “Prostitute”


Then the Lord said, “They are prostituting My Word.  You will know it when you see it.  I am going to make this place into a cemetery.  Do you believe I am blind and I do not see the evil in this place?  Do you believe I am a fool and will not correct what is wrong?  The city is going to be like this graveyard.”

Then as we prayed and walked through the cemetery, I saw something was opening up in the spirit and something was going up. 

Then the Lord said, “German”. 

Then we saw a German grave marker.

Then the Lord said, “This German guy crossed God.”

Then the Lord said, “Step out of here and walk and pray towards a more central walkway.”

As we kept walking we saw a high nearby office building and the Lord said, “That building is where he is going to strike.”    

The top of the building looked like the tail end of an arrow.

Vision at 10:40 PM:

I saw a brass bed frame with a mattress and a white sheet.                         


Then I saw a large dam with a large flood lamp that shined up at the dam wall. Then I saw a rush of water like a river came where the light had been shining.

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