1541. Prophecy – The people in South America


1541. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 July 2000.

The Lord, said, “Place the oil any place in Caracas

I asked the Lord, could I put oil even in front of the hotel and the Lord said, “Place the oil any place in Caracas”.

So I tested the Spirit to see if it acknowledged Jesus, and it did.

At 12:30 PM

I Anointed the ground in a park next to a large fountain.

At 12:44 PM

Walking through a park towards the old center of Caracas the Lord said, “I knew you could do it good and faithful servants.”

Occurrence at 10 PM:

During the beginning of Communion, the Lord said, “We produced a lot of fruit.”

During a prayer for a blessing the people in South America the Lord gave me the following:


I saw white clouds covering mountains.  The clouds were halfway down the mountain.

Then the Lord said, “The clouds will cover the mountain tops”

Prophecy at 11:20 PM

The mad man thinks I am crazy, but I will show him who is crazy when I strike with My Hand.  I will break all of your strong holds and will break you in two.  So mark My Words, so saith Jehovah for I do not lie!

Note: I sensed that part of this Prophecy had to do with a spirit of Miami.


Then I had a vision of many sheep.


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