1574. Prophecy – Occurrence and Dream



1574. Prophecy and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 January 2001 at 8 AM.

The Lord gave me the number 2.

Occurrence and Dream:

I have had a very strange week! My dreams have been very vivid, and it is almost like I have been to the movies. In last night’s dream, I went to the movies and the tickets that were used were about the size of a regular theater ticket except they were made of plastic and they were reusable. I believe the actual movie was on the ticket.

In this dream I remembered being in the theater and watching this Christian movie. Most of the theater was empty except for Mark who sat a few rows behind me and to the left. Then he left for some reason and I found some more plastic tickets in my pocket, so I watched another film and then I left for home. When I got home (a place I had never seen before) I noticed that I was younger and slimmer, and I had a lot of dark hair. My family was there, but I had never seen them before. I remember I had to go to school and I had to take some people in the house with me.

Well, I went to the bathroom to comb my full head of dark hair. And as I began to comb it, I noticed that all the hair came off with the first pass of my comb. I could not believe I had lost so much hair without any pain. It had left a wide area down the middle of my head without hair, almost as wide as I have now. I went back into the living room with a hand full of hair and told my family, but it did not seem to bother them in the slightest. Well, I went back into the bathroom to look at myself and finish combing my half-bald head. As I combed my hair from one side up and over the bald area. I noticed that the hair covered the whole bald area. This was very strange indeed for it looked like I had a full head of hair again. I was startled and I took another look at my face. Then, this time my head looked bald because my hair was cut very close the skin. This frightened me and I looked again, and to my surprise I was still young looking with a full head of dark hair again.

This having hair then not having hair was so real that it woke me up, and then the Lord gave me the number two. This made me remember that a few days ago the Lord had given me the number 5. I am bewildered right now, and I am trying to figure out what the Lord is saying or doing with me. At first, I thought the number two meant my finances. For this ministry is broke and it has been this way for some time. Saturday I received a $2000 property tax bill, which I did not pay the first or the second half of last year’s taxes. I am several months behind in paying for the web sites and our water is going to be turned off in 48 hours, for the lack of payment. But the Presence of the Lord has been so strong lately, So I am not too worried.

I sense the Lord trying to show me something about my personal history, the world’s future or the Christian Body’s future. Maybe all of the above. I just cannot understand what He is trying to say. He has made me watch many history programs on television lately, from dinosaurs, wars, and weather changes, to politics. I am at a lost at just what it is He is trying to say. I can strongly sense something going on in the Spirit, but I do not understanding Him. I read in the Internet that another earthquake hit Central America that was felt all the way up to Mexico. I also heard a news program yesterday, that the climate of the world is warming up. All that I can say is – this has been a very strange week.


Then the Lord gave me a vision of the handle of a gasoline pump.


Then the Lord said, “When the oil stops!”


Then the Lord gave me a vision of a floor trap door and the Lord said, “The trap is ready!”


Then the Lord gave me a vision of a Lion.


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