1641. Vision – The Lord showed me a very large gate valve



1641. Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 July 2001 at 3:15 AM Sunday.

The Lord showed me a very large gate valve, which was connected to a water pipe about 9 inches in diameter, and the gate valve had a large round wheel type shut-off handle. Then I saw the round wheel handle turn in the direction of releasing the water inside the pipe. Once the water valve was completely opened so much water RUSHED through the gate valve that the whole pipe and gate valve shook or vibrated. (over)

Occurrence at 3:20 AM:

The above vision made me very nervous. What came to my mind was what happened to Eva and me about 5 PM Saturday the 14th. Eva and I were talking on top of our bed and I was showing Eva my watch on how her little dog had chewed up my watch wristband. So I placed my wristwatch under my pillow to hide it from the little dog and we proceeded in our conversation. About two or three minutes later, I asked her if she wanted to go to a movie because of all of the work we accomplished this week. She said, “OK.” So I reached under my pillow to see what time it was, and my watch wasn’t there. We totally took our bed apart and there was no watch to be found.

This scared me a little because I had a wristwatch appear on my wrist once out of nowhere years ago just before I went up Mt. Diablo in 1990. Then one time I had an electric clock go flying over a windowsill and hang by the electrical cord from my empty upstairs bedroom. This is telling me – we are running out of time. So I got out of the bed and began to type this information up. It is 4 AM Sunday morning now and I am going work as long as I can.

I keep thinking about this Internet server I have to purchase and all of this redesigning of the web sites. Where is all of this going? Working blindly surely makes it extremely difficult, but I promised the Lord many years ago I would follow Him even if I did not understand. Does this large water valve have anything to do with what is up ahead? Well, since the Lord has not provided the funds for the Internet server yet, I am only going to concentrate on maintaining the web sites for now and type-up the new material. (over)

Vision 9:20 AM.

The Lord showed me another vision of a large gate valve, but this time the gate valve had a black turn-off handle. As I watched this gate valve I noticed it began to shake and the black handle exploded into the air and the pipe broke apart. I could see nothing but raw sewage spilling onto the ground. (over)


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