1657. Occurrence – Yosemite Valley



1657. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 29 October 2001.

I have been sensing a lot of spiritual warfare since 9-11-01 and it has been increasing daily. So Eva and I decided to go on a three-day holiday away from the house. We were only about one hour away from our house, when my son called, and informed me that one of the eucalyptus trees behind our house had dropped a large branch on top of a neighbor’s house. My son also told me that there had not been much damaged, but the branch was all over the neighbor’s house. So I told my son to tell the neighbor that I would be back in a few days and I would take care of the problem when I returned. I returned on Saturday, but I could not sleep very well thinking about this. So Sunday morning before church I prayed to the Lord about this tree problem. The Lord instructed me to stay home and remove the tree branch from the top of the neighbor’s house. Well, I guess now I have an added expense because I do not have insurance to cover this accident. I also noticed that there are another four trees with large branches over my house that have to be removed. Somehow I have to figure out how to remove these branches also.

Our holiday trip:

Eva and I drove to Sonora; Sonora is about a three hours drive from our house and after staying there for the night I decided to show Eva Yosemite, which was only about an hour and a half drive from where we were staying. So we drove to Yosemite and after staying there most of the day we had planned to leave Yosemite and drive north towards Reno; then back home to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Well, late in the afternoon I decided to show Eva one last place before we would drive out of Yosemite. This place was called Glacier Peek high above the Valley floor. Glacier Peek was about a 45 minute up a windy road up the cliffs of the Yosemite Valley. I drove up this windy road as fast as I could. We wanted to leave Yosemite, and drive north toward Reno, Nevada before it got dark. The drive was so long that Eva said that maybe we were on the wrong road, but I was pretty sure we were going in the right direction.

Well, we stopped took some pictures and looked down the Yosemite cliffs at one location, and decided to go a little further for it was getting late. A mile or so further we reached Glacier Peek and found a parking spot right in front. We hiked to the edge of the cliff, and from there, we could see most of the Yosemite Valley below. This was a very beautiful place so I decided to take some pictures of Eva here. I had her stand on top of a rock with her back to the cliff. As I looked through the camera lens, guess what I saw? I saw Carl G., the Christian brother, who traveled with me to Israel and South America, and who is the leader of the Friday night Bible study. I could not believe my eyes for the odds of meeting him there would be several millions to one. So I hid myself and walked behind him and grabbed him from behind. You should have seen his face for he could not believe I was there. He mentioned he had called me to see if I wanted to go to Yosemite, but Eva and I had already left for Sonora the day before he called. He said this was truly a divine appointment from God.

Actually Eva and I had no intentions of even going to Yosemite when we left our house and now we were facing Carl on top of Glacier Peek. This was very strange indeed and I could feel the hairs on my arms pointing straight up. We talked about staying with Carl and his church group, and decided to stay with them for they said there was room for us.

Well, we decided to follow him down the Glacier Peek to his tent cabins. As soon as Eva and I got in our car my prayer language kicked in. We followed Carl’s car, which was filled with the members of his group. We drove down the long windy road towards the Yosemite Valley and I just kept praying and praying and for some unknown reason I could not stop praying until Carl pulled off the road because someone in his group had become carsick. He got out of his car and walked over to my car, and told me that he almost lost control of his car when he drove out of a mountain tunnel. I wondered to myself, if that was the reason I had to pray as I followed his car. As soon as the sick person felt better we proceeded towards the place we had planned to eat.

We had dinner and for some reason there was a problem with where we were going to stay and Eva began to get ill. So about 10 PM we decided not to stay and we left their group and drove towards Reno, Nevada. We planned on finding a Motel somewhere outside of Yosemite for the night. I had to drive four hours, but we found a place at the State Line. All went well and we arrived home Saturday night at about 9 PM.

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