1798 Dream


1798. Occurrence and Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 October 2004 at 6:30 AM

Dream 1:

The spiritual warfare was very strong since receiving the visions of 20 October 2004, and everything seemed to go wrong for the next few days.  The next night, 21 October 2004, I had a strong dream of calling my daughter and telling her, that her husband Pat could park their large semi tractor truck in our yard in front of the Christ sculpture.  The dream seemed so real that it kept me up for a few hours.  But something did not seem right about it, so I said nothing to her or Pat.  Then the next day I found myself in spiritual warfare and it lasted all day.

Dream 2

The next night this desire to pray came upon me again and I prayed myself to sleep.  Then in the morning the Lord gave me this second dream.  I was shown some kind of office and my wife was there.  I cannot explain it, but in the dream I had to go some place and take Eva in my car.  Everyone at the office was excited and was talking about it.  I was too, but I did not know why I was going.  So finally I completed this job, or something, at the office, and I said goodbye to everyone in the office. 

Then Eva and I left for the front door of the office.  As I walked behind Eva outside the office, I looked in through the office window and saw this Man sitting at this table or desk.  I was startled when I first saw Him, because I knew Him (but I could not remember from where), and I said to myself; – “that’s Eva’s Father, I better say hello, even if it’s just a wave through the window”.  So I waved and kept walking to the car wondering who that man was. 

I was carrying this black bag with me and I believe it had rolls of money in it.  As I climbed into the car, the car changed into a large commuter bus with a lot of people from Eva’s office in it.  I remember I stopped the bus to go to buy some Anointing oil.  When I came back I noticed Eva had placed rolls of money all over the floor of the bus.  I looked at her and said: “Why did you place money all over the bus?  It is going to blow away and get lost.”  She did not have an answer, so I collected the money from the different locations as everyone watched. 

I do not remember driving anywhere, but we found ourselves at this field on a dirt road.  I told everyone we had to leave the bus now, for we had to Anoint this area which had this monument on it.  As we got out of the bus I noticed on the back of the bus there was some kind of large shelf, loaded with bricks.  These bricks were exactly the same kind of bricks I used on our driveway.  I wondered why all of these bricks were on the back of the bus?  I saw all these people that were excited because we had to Anoint this place.  As I looked around, I noticed there was a large building next to the bus with this man checking out the bus.  So I locked the bus and walked behind it, to this monument with this pole sticking out of it. 

When I woke up the Lord began to tell me I had another Anointing Mission Trip, by explaining some of the symbols of the dream.  The Lord revealed to me the meaning of some of the symbols of the dream, and said that the Anointing Mission was outside of my house.  At first I thought the ground in front of my house had to be anointed, because I saw myself pouring oil on top of the newly unfinished brick driveway. But then the Lord led me in the spirit to the front of the Jesus Christ sculpture which had no brick on top of it.  It is an old sculpture about 14 feet high that I made back in the 70’s.  The Lord showed me in the spirit to Anoint the ground in front of the sculpture with oil. 

Then the Lord said, “Finish the new brick driveway over the area you have Anointed.”

This was the driveway area in front of the Jesus Christ sculpture that was not finished, because the lack of funds.  The Lord showed me that the monument in the dream symbolized the large sculpture of Jesus Christ I had in my front yard. 

This was the same area (spot) that I had dreamed of (Dream 1), where I should park the semi tractor truck.  If I had told Pat and Cynthia to park that truck there it would just have been in the way of the Anointing of the ground.  Now I am beginning to realize that this brick driveway has been the Lord’s Plan all along, and I have just been used to do His Will.

The Lord just confuses me at times!  Then I began to wonder why Anoint under the brick?   Why Anoint this area at all?  Why my house?  Why did the Lord communicate using a dream with symbols for this Anointing?  Why didn’t the Lord just tell me this before I began the driveway and I would have Anointed this area and covered that with bricks first? 

Then there was that image of that man sitting inside the office.  It just gave me the shakes and my spirit seemed to come alive when I saw Him.  I did not realize it was the Father Jehovah or a symbol of Him.  His looks reminded me of Vice President Dick Cheney with a fuller face, with short gray hair on the sides.  Deep down I knew it was not Eva’s father because I had never seen or met him and this Man reminded me of another dream I had a few year ago where I was hired to do some construction work for Him.  I have always felt He was the Father Jehovah or a symbol of Him.



Now I have to raise the funds so I can cover the Anointing area with bricks.  I am out of funds and my credit card is maxed out and there is no more credit on the credit card.  Maybe I could Anoint the ground now and lay the brick next year when I have more credit on my credit card?  Then maybe I should call Carl to come over so we can Anoint the ground now, since he has been with me to most of the Anointing trips. 

I wish this spiritual warfare would end, for I am having a VERY HARD time typing this up.  I truly feel like my body is dying, or my body is going to explode from the inside out! 

After this dream I went downstairs to my office and began to pray in tongues.  This two to three hour prayer time was just incredible.  I felt in the spirit I had the Power of Elijah, and that the spirit world was being shaken and rattled.  It totally tired me out. (over)

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