Mt. Diablo

The Anointing below of Mt. Diablo in Contra Costa County, California on December 2, 1990.

Ray Aguilera and the sound Man of the church.

Photographs of the witnesses of the Mt. Diablo Anointing on December 2, 1990.

A photograph of the Mt. Diablo Rainbow on December 2, 1990. This is one of Three Rainbows that appeared after we Anointed Mt. Diablo.

Read the WHOLE STORY (testimony) of how the prophecies started with Raymond Aguilera from the Holy Spirit.

The Mt. Diablo Prophecy and testimony.

December 2, 1990,

(It is 6:28 AM., April 10, 1993, tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and I am going to document the events of what happened on December 2, 1990. I thought I had recorded it on tape, but I can’t seem to find the recording tape. So I am going to try to recall everything the best I can.)

I was asleep, and the Lord woke me up, and said, “I want you to go to Mt. Diablo. I want you to anoint the Mountain with oil. There will be fifteen thousand Angels there, and do not be afraid for He needed witnesses. “Announce it to the singles group on Friday night.”

My sister and I were going to a Four Square Church which had a Friday night singles group. So I told my sister about the Prophecy; and the next Friday night the opportunity to speak developed. I told the Prophecy to the Church singles.

But the Lord had said, “Do not to tell them the whole story. Tell them I want people to go to the mountain, and pray, and that fifteen thousand Angels were going to be there. That’s all. You will be led and protected by the Angels to Mt. Diablo, and do not explain anymore details until you get there.”

The details were that He was going to take Mt. Diablo away from the devil. That the devil had nine places on the planet he was allowed to use, or had been using for thousands of years. The places, I guess, were high places. I really don’t know, but Satan would run his operations from them. I guess Mt. Diablo was one of those places.

He said, “Do not worry who’s going. For I know exactly who will be there.” Don’t worry if one, two, or a hundred people go with you.” I need witnesses to witness what I am going to do.”

He was going to evict the devil from this mountain. Well, this mountain is located in Contra Costa County in California, on the east bay of San Francisco.

A Christian friend and I discovered a plaque on top of Mt. Diablo in 1992, which said that Indians used to worship and sacrifice there for as far back as five thousand years. The mountain has always been associated with some sort of evil. It’s my understanding that a priest, in the eighteen hundreds, saw the devil there on top of a rock, while he was praying, and since that day its been called Mt. Diablo (Devil Mountain). I am not really sure of all the history, but I gave my Prophecy to the singles group, and stated that we were going there that next Sunday, and if anybody wanted to go to meet us in the Church parking lot.

I asked the Lord, “Where on this mountain do we anoint it?”

He said, “I am not going to tell you. The person that runs the sound board at the Church, the person you talked to several weeks ago about Mt. Diablo, he knows exactly where to anoint the mountain. And anoint the ground wherever he tells you.”

During this particular time, I was getting all kinds of static from Church people. They were starting to look at me as if I were crazy. They thought I was getting weird. I was getting calls from people in the church telling me to shut up, and that I was going to get reprimanded, and to keep my mouth shut about all this stuff. What was so funny, this was supposed to be a solid Charismatic Four Square Church. I was getting all kinds of static from friends, but I didn’t care, I did whatever the Lord said.

Two days later on Sunday, December 2, 1990, my sister and I went to Church, not knowing who was going to be there, or if anybody was going to be there.

The Lord said, “There will be music. It’s going to be a Day of Celebration in Heaven, and on the Earth. I am going to reclaim the nine places on earth, that Satan occupies, and has been using for thousands of years. People are going to be healed on this Day, and there are going to be miracles all over the world, and I need witnesses for this event.”

So my sister and I drove to Church not really knowing if we were going, or if the sound man was going. I had not spoken to him in several weeks, and we didn’t know where this special place was, that the Lord wanted anointed, because this young man was the only person that knew. I was afraid to talk to him about it because of all the commotion over the Mt. Diablo prayer trip. I knew there was a lot of talking going on in our inner circle of single friends in the Church, on what we were going to do at Mt. Diablo. It did cross my mind that the sound man might have heard all the commotion about Mt. Diablo, and would not show up. However, when my sister and I got to the Church he not only knew where we were going, but he had drawn a map, and had made copies for whoever wanted to go.

I called a few people before Sunday’s trip, but no one seemed to be interested in going to the mountain. So my sister said, “Maybe its going to be only you and I.” So we waited, and people started showing up, we wound up with ten people, five men, and five women. I believe there were five different Churches represented.

The Lord said, “There’s going to be music.”

But of the nine people there, no one had anything that represented any kind of music. There were only nine people at first so we waited as long as we could, and then left at the end of a caravan of cars. As we were driving out of the church parking lot, we saw Doug, from the singles group. My sister said, “Stop the car!, There’s Doug.” So we turned around and went back into the church parking lot.

We pulled next to Doug’s Van and he approached us. He asked if everyone had left for the mountain. We said, “Yes,” and that we had returned for him. He asked if he could go with us. We said, “Yes.” Then He asked if it was all right if he took his guitar because the door on his Van wouldn’t lock, and he thought someone might steal it. My sister and I just looked at each other, for we knew the Lord had said there would be music. We smiled at each other and said, “Why sure.” I knew my sister was joyful because everything was happening just like the Lord had said; Right down to the music, and all this was happening before our eyes.

So we rushed to catch up with the others that had left. We all got there at the same time, and the sound man led the ten of us up this mountain trail. I remember this one young lady that complained all the way up. She kept saying she wasn’t going to go another step. She didn’t want to go any farther, and complained about this and that, and she went on and on. She made such a stink about the distance that she almost talked the sound man into stopping and anointing any location on the mountain, other than the one which the Lord had wanted.

I said to the sound man to go wherever the Lord told him even if it was higher up the trail, no matter what. It got so bad with this young lady’s complaining, pouting, and making a stink, that one of the other women stopped, and walked slowly with her as the rest of us proceeded ahead. She was complaining because originally the sound man had stated that it was only going to be a quarter of a mile up a well defined trail, and it turned out to be about two miles of walking up this mountain trail.

On the way up some of us sang songs praising the Lord, and Celebrated as we walked. Well, we got there, and I shared with them what the Lord had said about the Angels, and we all gave some sort of a testimony of why we had come up to the mountain. Then I told them the reasons the Lord had wanted us there. That He was going to reclaim this mountain. That there were going to be signs and wonders all over the earth on this date.

I explained how the Lord had said, “Buy a bottle of olive oil, and do not to break the seal until the mountain is going to be anointed. The oil should be poured onto the ground in the shape of a large Cross in the direction that the sound man wanted. He will know where to pour the oil onto the ground and its direction.”

So I asked the sound man, “Where do you want it?” And He said, “I believe it should be in this direction, and facing that way.”

So after we prayed, and anointed each other on the forehead in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I took the bottle of oil and poured the rest onto the ground in the shape of a big Cross in the direction that the sound man wanted.

Then the Lord said, “Turn the bottle upside down at the head of the Cross, and to leave it there upside down on the ground, and let all the oil soak into the ground.”

So I did it, and we started to sing songs. Then the sound man said, “I believed we should go to the edge of the embankment, and look toward the west and clap our hands, for the devil doesn’t like the sound of hands clapping. So the ten of us moved to the edge of the embankment, and started clapping, facing toward the bay side of the mountain, and we clapped, cheered, and whistled. Then one of the young ladies said that the Lord was going to give everyone the desires of our hearts.

We were standing there clapping into the air, and my sister started screaming and yelling as we looked into the sky. She said there was a rainbow in the sky. This was about two o’clock, Sunday afternoon, December 2, 1990. I remember seeing nothing but dark clouds in the sky. It hadn’t been raining, but there was a group of dark clouds in the western sky. But when my sister started screaming and jumping up and down everyone got excited, and started looking into the sky.

What appeared out of nowhere was a small rainbow. It wasn’t a full rainbow, it was just a very small rainbow. Everyone looked, and looked, and no one could see it but her. Then someone else saw it. Then before long everyone saw it. Then everyone went crazy with screaming, yelling, and praising the Lord. Out of nowhere another small rainbow appeared, and we all really started yelling, screaming, and jumping. We were actually seeing wonders in the sky. Then a third one appeared. There was a total of three small rainbows near some clouds as we watched the larger dark clouds move away toward the south. These three little rainbows remained still in the western sky in the direction of the sun.

The ten of us just went crazy over this whole thing. It was just so unbelievable. We all could not believe what had appeared out of nowhere as we looked in the direction that the Cross was pointing, toward the west at the edge of the embankment. It was crazy, and fulfilling that afternoon on Mt. Diablo. We were all excited for we saw a miracle, and Doug, who brought the guitar, happened to bring his camera also. So he was able to photograph one of the small rainbows. This gave us proof that we didn’t make it up, and a confirmation of what had happened. We also took pictures of all of us on the mountain. It was an amazing afternoon.

The Lord said to me, “I needed witnesses,” and I am proud of this little group that came here. You have been obedient. I love you. You have touched My Heart. I needed witnesses to witness the eviction of the devil’s forces from Mt. Diablo. The same thing will occur all over the planet at all nine locations. December 2, 1990, will be the beginning of the Great War in Heaven, and on Earth. The beginning of the end is at hand. Now Satan is the devil of the sky. For he now has nowhere to lay his head.”

I remember when the ten of us were walking back to our cars, there was a different atmosphere around us. We were all happy and joyful, but there was a silence, for we knew what we saw and had experienced. We really didn’t know what was meant by the saying, “Look at the sky.” And here years later, I still don’t really know.

Note: See some photographs of us on Mt. Diablo, California, on December 2, 1990.

I didn’t even know that the devil had nine territorial work places on the planet. About six months later one of the young ladies, that had gone with us up Mt. Diablo, found an article in a Christian magazine stating that there was a group of Christian people that back packed into the bush country of Australia, and anointed a large devil rock. It was done weeks after we had anointed Mt. Diablo. This article she found gave us another confirmation of what the Lord had said was true. It was maybe weeks later, but it took them awhile to get to this devil rock.

That was only two of the confirmations. We also heard on the radio news that the oceans tides were unusually high that Day, and they didn’t know why. There were also announcements on the radio news that people were seeing unusual lights in the night sky for about a week. I was even lucky enough to see one of these night lights in the sky.

I know we shared this experience with one pastor, but he never commented. I have shared it with other pastors since then, but they look at me like I am nuts. But we ten people who went to the mountain that afternoon know: “That something happened.”

But all the Lord kept saying to me was, “Look to the sky. Look to the sky.”

During this time I was really starting to get some strong pressure from this Protestant Four Square Church I was going to. I was being shown things I had never seen before, and basically the pastor kept saying to me, “Never mind what you’re seeing or hearing; you’re talking to demons. Listen only to me for I am your spiritual authority.” It sounded like he kept saying, “Listen to me only, don’t listen to God,” is how I took it. “Listen to us for we know what is best for you.”

This mountain prayer trip happened on Sunday, December 2, 1990, after Church. Then on December 3, 1990, the following morning at nine o’clock, I was sleeping, and I was awakened, and the next thing I knew, my mouth starts speaking in strange tongues. Let me explain something here, (I) this fellow, at this time in his life, didn’t believe in tongues, prayer language, or whatever you want to call it. I remember this one pastor kept telling me to ask for tongues because it would help me in whatever was happening to me, months before I’d received this gift of tongues.

I told him, I didn’t believe in it, and that I didn’t need it. But he said I did need it, and to record everything that happened because I would forget it. And now at nine o’clock in the morning December 3, 1990, my mouth starts making all kinds of weird sounds. I never asked for it. I never prayed for it. I didn’t even believe in it, and for the next six hours, I just started speaking in different languages. I recorded it because this pastor told me to keep a journal, so I kept this pocket tape recorder next to my bed, because so many things were happening, and so fast, I didn’t know what to expect next.

The Lord just woke me up, and I started speaking in tongues for two hours. Then He would let me sleep for two hours, then He would wake me up, and I would speak for another two hours. Then He would let me sleep for two hours. Then wake me up, and I would speak for another two hours. This went on for three days. I didn’t go to work. I didn’t get out of bed except to go to the rest room, I don’t remember even if I ate. But for three days I spoke in all kinds of languages. I can’t even remember how many languages there were.

But I did document some of the Prophecies that were given to me that day. This whole thing was bizarre, but real. My Christian walk took another step in a direction that I didn’t want to go. I don’t understand tongues. I know at times they lift my spirit up, when the enemy knocks me down. This stuff is just overwhelming, but now I find myself praying for hours, and hours in tongues. I pray more in tongues than I pray in English. I guess my spirit knows what it needs. I never was very good at prayer.

Then the pressure from the Church increased because of the Prophecies, and the Visions, and stuff like that.

Then the Lord said to me, “Type and mail copies of this Prophecy out.”

After this request, things really got hot for me at the Four Square Church. For I did it, and mailed them where He requested. The actual Prophecies in tongues started on December 3, 1990, the day after I went to Mt. Diablo, with five women and four other men to be a witness, and see our miracle of three little rainbows.

For me personally, I know what the truth is. That’s for me, but others have to decide for themselves. I don’t know when this stuff is going to stop. I remember a Pastor told me that sometimes it goes on for two or three days, maybe a week, but its been three years, and the Satanic attacks, the Visions, the Prophecies, and all kinds of personal miracles just seem to keep on going.

I remember, in the summer of 1992, when the Prophecies were coming two to four a day the spiritual warfare was so intense that I found myself in constant prayer due to the demonic attacks. I used to seal my house every night with a hedge of thrones soaked with the Blood of Jesus. And I prayed to the Lord to coat the walls and the ceilings with the Blood of Jesus. During this time I had rented a room to a man named John. One particular week we went to a midweek church service. John, my prayer partner, and I stopped at a restaurant to eat after church and John proceeded to tell us that he was having a hard time sleeping the last three days. He said he was afraid that I was going to get mad at him. He said that he kept seeing Blood come out of the walls and out of the new rug in his room. He would get towels and try to soak up the Blood, but could not because it filled the whole room. He would have to go outside and wait for hours until morning because he was afraid and thought I would make him pay damages for the new rug, but the Blood would be gone in the morning.

I remember looking at my prayer partner and thinking of my nightly opening prayer and by his look, I knew he was thinking the same thing. Later John shared with me that he had experienced other spiritual things in his past, once was when his wife almost died. I was amazed because this was the first time I had ever heard of someone seeing exactly this type of prayer appear before their eyes.

Examples of other things that have happened:

1. I was in an auto accident where my car was hit solid in the side and nothing happened to my car.

2. Praying for a water well and having the ground shake a week later without warning, and having water flood my backyard from some unknown water source, in the summer during a statewide drought, and the water company analyzing it and stating it wasn’t theirs.

3. Money arriving at the right time, and at the right place.

4. People helping with equipment and knowledge.

5. Post Office workers paying for the postage, for the Prophecy mailings, and so many other things have occurred that I am not recording, that I cannot explain.

The attacks from Church leaders, from old friends, even family members. Walking alone, and

feeling alone, even though there are many people interceding for me, even people I don’t even know, this whole thing feels very strange.

An added note: Of the ten people that went to the mountain, because of the Church’s persecution and the Church’s reaction to the Prophecies, five of the ten people that went up to the mountain disassociated themselves from me.

For the head pastor started to actually lie, saying things about me that were not true without giving my name. One Sunday the assistant pastors surrounded me, and told me they weren’t going to let me in church unless I submitted to the head pastors authority, and to keep my mouth shut. The head pastor even tried to get me arrested at one point at a church member’s home.

That’s my story. Read the Prophecies, Discern, and Judge, and Pray, and Pray that the Lord will reveal to you the Truth, because it’s not my Word. I haven’t the brains to put it together because to much came to fast, and I really can’t write very well. I guess that’s all, God bless you.

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