Today’s Calling

Today’s Calling

by Gerald O. Lukehart

What if a man, a Catholic man, one not familiar with or desiring the Supernatural, begins to receive prophecies and warnings from God? These warnings include a major California earthquake, a Nuclear explosion in Paris, and the world ending by a collision with a star.

This man has a calling to be a prophet, something he has never wanted to be. To this day this is something he never fully wanted. All he wanted was to be able to lead his own life, to follow his own path, never desiring to be called a fool, a heretic, a charlatan, or worse. This man has received over four hundred messages ranging from Abortion, to the New Age movement, to Pastors who mislead the flock. These messages reveal things to come, things that now are and things that should not be… From hope, to love, to doom, to a new beginning, herein lies a broad range of insight from a whole new perspective. From God’s…

Really not a new perspective for these messages reach out from an earlier time, the time of Joel, Jeremiah and Daniel, giving us an insight to the inner workings of the Lord. With a warning and with a possibility of the end coming soon there is an urgency and a relevance to these messages that must get out to one and all.

We, Ray’s extended spiritual family, want to share with you of the struggles to have faith ourselves and of the reality of what we have received from Ray and of the miracles that have followed.

We find the prophecies:

To be simple and straight forward, written from a first hand perspective. To fly in the face of orthodox tradition. To be a thorn in the side to everyone who has already made up their mind and heart on how the end is to come and who God is…

This has the potential to be one of the most controversial books of the year. Since April of 1992 the prophecies and the spiritual warfare has increased around Mr. Aguilera. The Prophecies are spreading across the United States and around the world. People have sensed the presence of God, some cry, some shake, some pray, some find God… We hope you will too.

* Mr. Gerald O. Lukehart is a grassroots born again Charismatic Christian with a Southern Baptist family heritage.


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